Holiday Team Building

What’s the matter, can’t stomach yet another office Holiday party with the same old gag gifts and silly games? Sounds like you might be ready for something new this season, like Holiday Team Building. This combines the results-oriented aspects of a team building workshop with the fun and cheer of a Holiday Party…plus the magic of everyone coming together for a charitable cause…now that’s the way to celebrate the Holidays!

Go From Dull to Dynamic!

Nobody’s trying to take the party away from your end-of-year celebrations or corporate Holiday gatherings. On the contrary, our Holiday workshops are fun, engaging and easy for everyone to enjoy. Watch your group come alive as they get into the swing of things. Friendly competitions, problem solving activities and group challenges are part of every workshop- and the goal is always to succeed by doing things together…that’s teamwork!

All this experiential learning has a higher purpose, however…one that serves to motivate teams to do their best. It’s the charitable dimension we bring to our Holiday Workshops- after all, helping others is part of the holiday spirit.

Get Involved With the Community This Holiday Season

Take a look at our Charity Team Building Workshop options and find one that matches the personality of your group, or the social mission of your company. We can take that and turn it into a Holiday event just by altering a few details. Here’s what some of our clients have done in past years:

  • Mission: Kids Care. This can be customized to fit the Holiday theme by having your team fill backpacks with holiday gifts rather than back-to-school supplies.
  • Mission: Military Care. Similarly, the contents of the care package in this workshop can be switched up to include holiday items. Mission: Military Care makes the perfect Holiday Team Building Workshop, as a matter of fact, since many service men and women are away from loved ones.

The result will be a fun event for everyone, where team building combines with Holiday fun and helping a charitable organization in your community.

If turning your stale holiday party into a fresh, dynamic charity team building event that everyone will remember, call us or fill out our quote form. We can help you choose the right charity workshop for your holiday party, end-of-year party, or even your New Year’s event.

Holiday workshop booking starts early, so plan well in advance- this is a very popular time of year for team building!