Mission Kids Care

Combine the positive effects of a team-building workshop and a mission for a charitable kids’ cause and what do you get? Mission: Kids Care, that’s what!

Mission-Kids-Care-Team-BuildingConnect with students in your community as you help them prepare for school, and connect with colleagues as you learn valuable team building skills.

It’s fun, it’s challenging, and it has direct implications for positive change in the work place.

How Can One Workshop Do All That?

With hands-on activities, group-focused goals and lots of laughter throughout the day, it’s easy to think the goal of Mission: Kids Care is simply providing a fun day out of the office for groups.

However, while we certainly love it when clients enjoy our workshops, that’s hardly the primary purpose behind them! You see, when our workshop developers set out to create a new workshop, the one thing that’s driving them is whether or not participants will have the opportunity to grow, learn, practice new skills, and generally better themselves as individuals and as team members.

Helping Kids Get Ready to Head Back to School

With Mission: Kids Care, the purpose behind the experiential activities is to help kids prepare for school. So many cannot afford back-to-school supplies that need to be purchased each year: pencils, paper, backpacks etc. So Mission: Kids Care aims to help them out by preparing school supply kits for local kids.

In doing so, your team learns about the value of preparation themselves. They learn how it can improve their performance at work, where so often this important initial step is left out of how projects get done.

Since our workshop creators know a thing or two about the principles of education and how to skillfully get everyone engaged in the tasks at hand, the activities just end up being fun, too. Whether it’s a problem-solving task, a team collaborative effort or a friendly competition between groups, our facilitators keep it fresh, relevant and exciting.

Working for Local Kids Brings Everyone Together

The charitable aspect of Mission: Kids Care serves as additional motivator for teams to pursue their team-building goals. They know that success means something other than “winning”- it means a bigger donation, a better donation, or simply one that means a whole lot more because they know they put their “all” into making it happen.

So now you know: this is how we’re able to offer a workshop that’s stimulating, challenging, charitable… and yes, fun.

If you’d like to learn more about Mission: Kids Care and how it can help your team prepare for success, please call us today!