Team Fusion

Team-Fusion-Corporate-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoThe Team Fusion ™ Workshop tackles issues and keeps on giving even after the day has ended, helping teams achieve positive change for the long haul. This is a combo workshop which brings together the best of corporate team training and action-based modules for a balanced approach to team building.

The result? Actionable lessons on teamwork that set the tone for future performance, long after the workshop has ended. That’s because we view Team Fusion ™ as a blueprint rather than a stand-alone event. Participants come away with tools they can use for improving their individual and group performance. These tools include:

  • insights on personality styles
  • big picture thinking
  • better ways to communicate
  • creative problem solving

Tell Us Your Current Concern, We’ve Got a Customized Solution

Right now, what particular challenges is your group facing? Are they coping with morale issues? Rapid growth in the company? Restructuring? Conflict?

Team Fusion ™ will bring to light the issues you want resolved, and give your group the tools they need to overcome them. How do we do this? Simple: we listen to your goals, then custom design the workshop just for you.

These are Long Term Lessons for Growth

Participants come away with meaningful insights on how their relationships affect everything they do. Interaction is explored at every level and teams discover how personality styles come into play with communication, collaboration and just about everything else they do!

Once they understand how their styles of interaction affect teamwork, individuals start viewing things from a wider perspective- we call it The Big Picture. Using that as a basis for targeting the issues your team is having at work, the door quickly opens to positive change.

But we know change, growth and development take longer than just the 2 1/2 hours it takes to complete a Team Fusion ™ workshop. That’s why we view the session as a blueprint for future growth.

You’ll start to see evidence of positive change as soon as everyone’s back in the office. With new-found insight into communication patterns, personality styles and big picture thinking, employees become stellar team members.

They’ll accomplish this by using the tools they gain during a customized Team Fusion™ workshop. Tteams go back to work and build upon their skills…eventually becoming the all-star team you knew was there all along!

If creating a blueprint for positive change interests you, simply fill out the quote form or give us a call- we’ll set you up with a customized Team Fusion™ experience.