Team Synergy

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoEvery workplace benefits from high performers, but their real value is when they have the ability to align their individual talents with organizational goals. Teamwork is the key to making it all happen, and the Team Synergy ™ Workshop is how you get there.

If you’ve got a group of high-performing all-stars in your organization, then you probably know there’s lots of room for healthy team building initiatives! After all, for some employees, competition comes more easily than teamwork. When you’ve got a team like this, Team Synergy ™ can bring everyone together and help each of them see the value of collaboration.

Positive Change for High-Performing Groups

Improvements to attitudes are just the beginning. The Team Synergy ™ team building workshop is an interactive approach to building camaraderie and breaking down silos that prevent groups from achieving optimal performance. Watch as team members work their way through the day, solving problems and reflecting on their progress…building on the idea that each individual brings his or her own valuable strengths to the collaborative process.

Team alliances are born of respect for a diversity of strengths in the workplace, and the hands-on activities of Team Synergy ™ give participants concrete examples of this…in action.

Debriefing sessions led by our seasoned facilitators then aid in the transfer of these lessons back to the workplace. With an eye towards long-term positive change, workshop leaders help individuals gain the tools they need to become better team players.

Watch What Happens After a Team Synergy™ Workshop!

When colleagues learn about each others’ strengths and how to leverage them in the workplace, true collaboration begins and amazing things happen:

  • Colleagues begin to connect with each other
  • Communication improves
  • Teams become more adept at creative problem solving
  • Individuals begin to think as part of a team- that’s Big Picture Thinking

Our facilitators work hard during each workshop to create a scale model of your work place- that way, natural patterns of behavior exhibit themselves. Once these patterns can be viewed in the stress-free workshop environment, everyone can work together to address obstacles to great teamwork.

If you think your group can benefit from Team Synergy ™, then give us a call or fill out the quote form you see on this page. This enlightening workshop will leave your group better focused, more knowledgeable, and ready to work as a true team.