The Amazing Scavenger Race

What’s the best way to challenge a high-energy team that already works well together? Have them hit the streets with The Amazing Scavenger Race! This is one of our most popular fast-paced corporate team building workshops because it allows teams to practice working together in new situations. That means they’re exercising brand new ways of communicating, problem solving, and collaborating.
It’s a fresh environment for putting your team’s high-level communication skills to the test, and a platform for creating new patterns as well. The activities they’ll get involved in throughout the day will require creative thinking…something they may not get to do very often in the workplace!

Teams Discover New Strengths That Will Carry Over to the Office

By working together to complete the Amazing Scavenger Race, team members will discover strengths they didn’t know they had, both personally and in their co-workers. That forms the very basis of high-level teamwork, and having been given a fresh environment for practicing will prove invaluable back at the office, even after the day of the Race has ended!

Without a Doubt, This is One Zany Team Building Workshop

The fun goals that make up the Race are part of the overall plan to actually challenge your team. That’s right: it appears to be all fun and games but underneath it all there are some fundamental lessons driving each activity…lessons about teamwork, communication and collaboration.

Teams will have a blast as they race from point to point all over the neighborhood, accomplishing tasks and snapping pictures to prove it!

The pictures become an integral part of the day, as they’ll be used in the final activity. A hilarious slideshow of each group’s photos ties everything together for a zany end to a high-energy, fast-paced team building event. Teams get points for injecting a sense of fun and originality into their photos, so you can be sure they’ll be “tapping into creativity”!

If your high-performing team could use some practice doing what they do best (getting the job done together), The Amazing Scavenger Race might be just what they need. Fill out our quote form or give us a call- either way we can answer any questions or schedule a Race event for you. Don’t forget to ask about customizing the workshop to cover areas of your neighborhood you’d like included in the Race.