The Big Picture

The-Big-Picture-Mural-Team-BuildingThe Big Picture ™ offers a creative approach to team building as participants discover their inner Picasso, Monet or Van Gogh. It’s all in the name of team-building and the discovery of why various styles are so important in the workplace.

Individuals Learn to See Things from a “Big Picture” Point of View

This fun, interactive combines stretch activities that invite participants to approach simple tasks from a completely different angle, with collaborative efforts that demonstrate the value of different ways of doing things. It all comes together in The Big Picture ™!

When you sign your name with the non-dominant hand, you’re triggering a part of the brain that doesn’t usually see too much action at work …the creative side. That’s what The Big Picture ™ is all about: tapping into creativity in order to complete a group masterpiece.

Individuals will use what they’ve learned about the value of diversity and unique approaches to problem solving. Through experiential learning exercises, they will have seen that each individual brings a unique set of talents to the table, and that all of them are valuable.

By collaboration on a group art project, teams get to put into practice the insights they’ve gained. Here are just a few:

  • How to overcome fears of sharing new ideas
  • How to painlessly let go of ideas that don’t work
  • How to tap into colleagues’ creative resources for high-level teamwork action
  • How to tap into your own creativity to produce innovative solutions

At the end of the day, participants come away with an improved sense of teamwork, better communication skills…and a group masterpiece to hang in your office lobby! It can serve as a visual reminder of how each team member found the courage to contribute to The Big Picture ™.

Art supplies are gathered afterwards and donated to a local art program for a slight charitable twist to this corporate workshop. There are no messy paints, since we know teams must return to work splatter-free!

If you think The Big Picture ™ sounds right for your group but you have questions, just give us a call or fill out the quote form. We’d be happy to answer questions or give you a custom quote.

Keep in mind that The Big Picture ™ can also be tailored to fit your group. The timeframe is adjustable from 2 1/2 hours to a full day event. For a full day workshop, many of our clients will combine The Big Picture ™ with a Charity Workshop for a mufti-faceted approach to team building.