Fun Team Building Events Provides a True Learning Experience for Your Team

Want a team that’s stronger, better and more productive? Don’t send them bowling for your next team building event, send them on a challenge!

In spite of our name, Fun Team Building Events offers more than a just a fun day out for your team. We offer them a chance to improve themselves and build a stronger team. By designing workshops that truly engage groups to get them thinking, we’re able to offer workshops that provide not only a welcome stress-free day out of the office, but also chance to grow.

Team Building Should Be a Learning Experience

After all, you come to us so we can help improve your team. You want results, and you want relevant activities that will relate to your workplace environment.

Our workshop developers know what works, and we’re proud to say that we’re able to provide tangible results that will make sense for your company. We start with an initial consultation so we can get to know your team, your company. We listen to what you have to say: you goals, your issues, and your vision.

Once Your Goals are Defined, We Make Them Our Goals Too

After the initial consultation with your, the client, we put our developers to work creating the perfect combination of learning modules. We’ll target your issues, working towards achieving your goals every step of the way.

Crafting a workshop takes experience and expertise…our developers have an average of 20 years in the business and of course have decades of research and history to draw upon. We put all that to work for you when you come to us with your team building goals…to produce a true learning experience for your team.

Challenge Brings Change: the Four-Step Model of Workshop Design Shows That!

Using a four-step model for training, our developers have shown again and again that focused challenge creates positive change. Workshop activities are created around the four steps, resulting in real learning and real growth:

  1. Challenge
  2. Activity
  3. Debrief
  4. Transfer

It’s a cycle that’s repeated over and over in each workshop. The result? Tangible results that transfer easily to the workplace environment.

If you’d like to schedule one of our fun learning experiences for your next team building event, please call us or fill out the handy quote form we’ve created for quick response. Let’s start growing together today!